Peter Wennink is the current CEO of ASML, the biggest high tech chip-manufacturers in the world. After being a partner at Deloitte he entered ASML as CFO and worked his way up. He will talk about how ASML innovates while being such a large corporation and how upcoming technologies affect their business.


Alberto Prado is the Vice-President of Philips HealthTech, the department of Philips dealing with innovation in the health sector. Also having worked as the VP innovation & development and the VP digital innovation of Philips, this man knows everything there is to know about innovation. He will talk about why he calls himself an entrepreneur while working in such a big company and how he works together with and incubates start-ups.


Guido Frenken is the Managing Director of Engie, a huge energy provider in the middle of transitioning to more sustainable energy. Guido will talk about how he in fact operates as a small start-up within a big corporation. He is the proof that entrepreneurs can also be found in big, established companies.

Tony de Bree

Tony de Bree is a motivational speaker, advisor, trainer and coach for many companies. He wrote multiple books about startups and the digital transformation. He will inspire you by talking about his successful career and has some great advice for you!


Rob Stassen is a business development manager at Shell. He will give a workshop about how Shell is dealing with alternative energy-sources such as LNG, and how the replacement of fossil fuels impacts Shell.


David Franzen is a real entrepreneur. He studied IBA at Erasmus University and afterwards he decided to start his own company called Nocto. He will explain you everything about why he took this decision and how Nocto hopes to revolutionize the nightlife scene by using Big Data Analytics!


Jesse van Leth is a former RSM alumni and currently works as a Cloud Architect for Microsoft where he focuses on Artificial Intelligence. He will give a workshop about the implications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in the current business-world and how he sees the future with regard to these technologies. Afterwards there will be a Q&A where you can ask him how he achieved this position at Microsoft!


YoreTalent matches graduates with traineeships and guides them through the start of their career. As a recruitment company they know everything about job interviews, resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn-profiles and will give a very useful workshop about how you can improve your chances in the job market!


CargoLedger is a startup founded in September 2017 which aims to digitally transform the supply chain with innovate blockchain based solutions. They want to reduce inefficiencies, audit & control tasks with immutable data, smart contracts and instant settlement. In February they were selected out of 1000 globally scanned startups to join the PortXL World Port Accelerator which means they now also have an office in Rotterdam next to the one in the Startup Village in Amsterdam. CargoLedger is founded by experienced entrepreneurs and therefore already a team of ten and growing. Hjalmar and Calvin will provide an interactive workshop about blockchain.


Platipus is a cool start-up in the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality sector. They create entirely new worlds and user experiences once you put on one of their glasses, and you will have the chance to do so! They will bring their famous HoloLens (of which there only exist 8 in the Netherlands) to provide you with the full AR-experience. Pass by their stand during the lunch or network drinks!